Saturday, 26 November 2011


Now, I stated in a previous post that there was some reasons for returning that I did not immediately state. This post is about one of them. It all begins in a pub.

After some time spent out of the country (for I do not like staying on this wet island forever; indeed, I am going to be leaving it once again very shortly), I returned to... shall we say, look into some proxy-related matters. In doing so, I happened to require the use of a pub, so that I may relieve my inner stresses and gather a little information; I knew the name of who I was looking for, and where she lived. Someone in the pub would be able to help me, no doubt.

Upon ordering a (non-alcoholic; drinking while working is a bad idea) drink, someone tapped my shoulder. My first thought was to run a mental checklist of which of my enemies this was most likely to be; upon deciding it was probably going to be someone I wasn't expecting, I turned around to find my suspicions confirmed. A complete stranger, who looked at the man serving my drink, before putting the money for it on the counter.

Speaking as someone who is far richer in non-material wealth then they are in material wealth, I saw no reason to stop this happening.

After sitting down with this person at a table, I heard a sudden cheer from the bar's fellow patrons, as someone or another scored a try in the rugby match. While I did this, the person leaned across the table towards me.

"You're A. Right?"

Beat. I can honestly say that I had not been expecting that. I said nothing, but I cannot deny that the glimmer in their eye told me that my face said everything.

"Hi, sorry. My name is Fin, it's a pleasure to meet you. I've wanted to talk with someone about Core Theory, and who better then someone who was around for it's inception?" A voice bright with fervor and enthusiasm, it seemed. I must admit that I did not remember much, but their depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject soon kindled my own interests once more. They shared with me their "Neo-Core Theory", which does not differ too much from the original. Once I had this knowledge, Fin and I parted ways once more. Lost in thought, my business in tormenting the proxy who had tried to follow me as I went across the eastern coast of America was almost second nature; I hunted through the wood and the trees. A sudden realisation occurred in one of them; I found myself burning with passion anew. I found myself desring a... return, shall we say.

And so, I chose the companion of the proxy of whom I was following as a method of making myself heard. Unfortunately for me, I had to return to the United States shortly afterwards, for that was where the proxy went, in pursuit of some other hapless Runner. I did them the favour of dispatching their stalker by my own hands, although I doubt they ever knew I was there.

And that was the catalyst for my return. A flash of inspiration brought upon by that chance meeting, I quickly set myself in the motion of utilising the tools I had to hand in order to bring about what I have searched for. There were, of course, other reasons; but the tipping point was brought about in this manner.

Oh, and while I'm here: the primary reason for my absence was this. While leaving some gifts, I returned from my Zone, and soon found the trail of my follower, who was trailing my trail, if that makes sense. This time, they were... not quite up to the mark in evading me, shall we say. To sum up the results of their lack of preparation, someone who their pager identifies as "Collector Theta" is now tied up in this very household. I think that he and I will have to have a nice little chat about just why he's been following me.

Well, me and the hammer. I wouldn't want to have a nice little chat without the hammer.


  1. So what have you learned from "Theta" these past couple of days, or rather, what has information has your hammer coerced from him?

    See you around

  2. If the bastard would wake up, I could tell you.

  3. ....for as superior to the rest of this place as you boast to being, you think you'd know your grammar. "Their" when referring to a singular person is improper. When in doubt or trying to be mysterious, go with the universal "he."

    Either way.

    Best of luck trying to kill the faceless bastard.

  4. That's up for debate, I'm afraid; the so-called universal "he" remains gendered, and referring to someone as "he" (unless specifically denoted as being used for the purposes of ambiguity) generally leaves the impression that the person in question is male.

    Which is hardly proper, as I'm sure you'll agree. You have to bite the bullet, one way or the other. Neither option is perfect.