Sunday, 18 December 2011


My apologies, I do believe that I've left some of my thoughts unfinished.

When one exists in the Zone, it becomes apparent that the flow of time between the 'real world' and the Zone is somewhat convulsive. Different exits and entries lead to different points, although each exit/entry progresses through it's own timeflow...

This, in essence, means that you have no idea as to what sort of time you're working with when one goes between the 'real world' and the Zone. At times, days in the Zone has been seconds in reality; in others, seconds in reality have been months in the Zone. It's hard to explain.

Occasionally, I have found a pathway stable enough to put certain measures into plot; take Cipher, for example. I found a pathway that led to a point sufficiently far in my future that I could use it as a method of signalling for the Game's entry into the Zone. Despite this, it appears that his posts from what should be (and appears to be) far into the future have entered the past, which confused me greatly at first. It appears that A Realm of Emptiness is it's own pathway, with it's own instabilities and oddities. This must be one of them.

This is theoretical, though, although it appears to ring true. This also appears to work primarily with my advent to the Zone; I wonder, would the laws I observe in the Zone vanish if I were to cease to observe? Would it return to the pure chaos that I first observed, or would they remain constant?


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