Saturday, 3 December 2011

Piece of Mind

This city... is truly my own. It's walls provide me with what I need the most.

Why is it that only when I absorb this melange that my mind is filled with the clarity that I need? Why is it that only this thing to which I am bound allows me to look inside? Or, rather, why are my shackles the things that give me freedom?

I can't leave this place forever. I'd... break down. I'd stop.

Even in my realm, there are things that I am not aware of -- elements beyond my control. These must be purged, if I am to ever succeed in my desperation. This is all a game of chance now; time is ticking. This space may exist between the gears of clockwork that drive time, but it cannot stop that He is coming. I can delay; I can put it off. But I have decided on my course and I must reach the goal.

I cannot fail. Failure means that everything I have done will have been for nothing.

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