Friday, 16 December 2011


You know, I've another story to tell; one of past tales.

Before I claimed the Zone for my own, there was another person within it. A young girl, if you'd believe it; she's connected to other events, but she's still a sign that the Zone could claim people before I entered it. I followed her for a while; she carried a laptop computer around, and occasionally stopped to write things. She did this hundreds of times, each time sending some report off to another place.

I think she inspired me, really; she gave me the idea of the people I could command and control, and gather reactions from via a single blog. But I digress.

I lost her now and again, but I always caught her in the end. Kept following, never allowed myself to be caught. I think the Zone may have caused her vanishings, but I cannot be sure. It was a chaotic place before I exerted my control over it, after all.

After a while, she reached a rooftop; on her blog, she typed that she was finished with life, and that she was going to jump off and end her life. She sent the message, closed the laptop, went up to the ledge. And then she stopped. She backed away.

That coward.

Let us say that I took the choice from her hands. I did what she wanted, but only because that was what she truly wanted.

And that girl, my friends? Why, it's dear Marisa; I've mentioned her before, I fancy. And that was my second motive for going for her; I knew that the "Marisa" I confronted in the 'real world' must have either been a fake of some sort, or that I was going to kill her in the future (but in my past). After confronting her, I reached the second conclusion; a mollycoddled lass, both of them. You can't fake that sort of nature.

And that's story time done for now, fellows.

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