Monday, 12 December 2011

Step #2

My thanks to the anonymous fellow in the crowd; I was almost worried that you braindead dolts had no intelligence with which to construct a solution, or even to attempt one. Thankfully, at least one among you holds enough brain to work out a very simple riddle. In any case, let us proceed; this is all basic stuff, of course.

I found my Closed Zone merely by the works of the fate, I must admit. It appears to have been a Labyrinth (or Loop) that was created at some point in the past, and then abandoned by it's master; the Greatest Game is fallible, it seems. Left to it's own devices, it merely twists and turns out of control, becoming disorder incarnate. My arrival seemed to herald a change in it's nature, though; it bows to my wishes in what sort of structure it takes, and forming paths through it is not such an issue.

Once the Zone was established to be controllable, I soon set about the second step: overpowering the innate belief that the Greatest Game holds. The Greatest Game is, in itself, sentient; this means that it may well (and almost certainly does) have it's own beliefs. It it does, this would interfere with the Tulpa Effect, resulting in the plan failing, should I simply bring it into the Zone in order to face it, if I was alone. Even my mighty intellect cannot trump it's.

Thus, I brought tools into the Zone, in order that they may grant me strength far exceeding that of the Game's.

Making use of the people accumulated inside the Zone was a simple task. I merely got under their skin, and brought them around to my side, although they know it not. Of them, I will create one who fears me; one who will worship me; one who sees me as God's voiceone who will see me as the bringer of their madnessand the warning beacon, who I shall use to light the way.

And that is the second step; to use the thoughts of humanity in order to overpower the thoughts of the Greatest Game. My thoughts alone would be... insufficient. But with others, in this isolated realm? I have a chance. I can overpower the Game's thoughts, and reduce it unto dust, while elevating myself to the highest point possible.

There are some slight matters of concern. However, for all of my searching, I've not found a single trace of the feral beast they mention. Is this the Game, come early? Of course, "early" is something of a confusing term, given that even the timeflow of the Labyrinth is sometimes questionable. Regardless, I can only hope that it is a nonfactor, or that I discover (and dispose) of this beast.

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  1. Oh, well it looks like I was right about one thing, well, two if you want to get technial.

    See you around